Garage doors

Garage doors are durable, high-tech constructions that limit access to the premises and at the same time provide free passage to it if necessary. Modern technologies give an opportunity to produce beautiful and comfortable designs of almost any configuration and size.

For example, with a sufficiently high height of the doorway, a special decorative false panel is used, which covers the unused space, thereby compensating for the height of the doorway, as well as giving the design an original and aesthetic appearance.

Production of garage doors

In the production of garage doors, high-quality components and materials are used, including: sandwich panels 40–45 mm thickness, galvanized steel tape 0.4 mm (zinc coating thickness 16 μm). On the front side of the panel, a modified polyurethane coating with polyamide particles with sizes of 20-25 microns is applied.

Garage doors today are not just a means of protecting your car, it is also a design that can emphasize the individual style and architectural solution of any home. Modern lifting garage doors combine functionality and aesthetic appearance.There are many types of garage doors, of the whole range of which our company offers you sectional garage doors. Below we will consider their advantages over other types of gates.


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