Roller Shutter Doors

Rolling shutters (rolling gates) are one of the most optimal gate designs.Rolling gates save the place and are reliable protection of your garage.Being aware of the value of the land, most of the owners strive for the managing their own share rationally, especially if it is located within the city limits. The desire to effectively use the land area has led to the emergence of new types of garage doors.

Designers have joined the development of a model of an effective and compact “auto-home”, focusing on the design of the entrance gate. It should be noted that in garages equipped with standard swing gates, about 2 m of the “blind zone” are formed on both sides. The desire to rationally use this territory was the impetus for the development of lifting garage roller shutters. Rollover has become one of the most convenient, but at the same time, miniature designs that allowed to solve the problem.


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