As a result of the rapid development of wireless technology, the automotive door industry has entered the daily life of people in the world market. The MSB Group is constantly modernizing production and optimizing production processes. We produce high-quality equipment for your needs.The company has achieved great success in a short time, relying on a professional management system, highly qualified engineers and personnel.


MSB and the first local sandwich panel production

According to its shape and form our finger protection panels meet european standarts (EN 12604) as well and many times tested by local customer and companies which are specialized in automatic doors and gates. Thanks to its special fixing points, when the door is opened and closed, panels are folded in the direction of the door movement, and if accidentally the hand is on the door, it wont hurt you.

The surface cover of the panel is from 5 mm thick galvanized metal sheets whichhas a solid, compacted polyurethane foam in inside.  The density of the foam is 40 kg / m3. The thickness of the panel is 42 mm as standard, and the panel width varies by two: 500mm and 600mm. Both sides of the panels are covered with a protective polyethylene coating that can be easily removed immediately after installation. This is intended to protect the panels against the effects of strangers and other deformations during production and installation. Also, the surface coating of galvanized steel makes these panels maximum resistant to rain, snow, wind and corrosion. Thanks to the special door tires which are sticked to the edges of the panel, the doors of these panels are fully compatible to the covered areas. Because these tires makes the panels resistant to heat, water, dust, and sound.

Also, the panel heading is needed to cover the edges of the sandwich panels, which also gives the panels a great look. These panel headings with 5 mm thickness cover the panel edges from outside so that they are in the panel shape. It should be noted that these panel headings are considered for fingerprint sandwich panels.


Manufacture of door profiles in MSB

The door profiles which used in automatic doors are the main driving force of this mechanism. That is why, these door profiles are made of galvanized steel and divided into several types depending on the mechanism, function and shape:

C-shaped profiles – these profiles with a thickness of 1.5 mm are used for movement of the automatic door (wheels) and is the part which panels moves on it.

L-shaped profiles – These profiles of 2 mm thickness are intended for fastening some mechanism, including C-shaped profiles and others on walls or other places.

Reverse C Profile – This type of profile, which is mainly 1.5 mm thick, keeps the mechanism of the automatic doors upright and prevents it from falling.

Wind support profile – these profiles with thickness of 2 mm are fastened to the back of the sandwich panels and increase the resistance of the door against the wind. These profiles are mainly used in large sized and windy gates.


Volume and capacity of MSB:

As MSB Automatic Door Company, our company has the following production capacity and power.

Sandwich panels – up to 1000 m2 per day
Production of door profiles – 150000 meters per day
Automatic door production – 30 doors or gate per day


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