Safe doors

GROKE is a subsidiary of SOMMER, the official distributor of specialized for the production of front doors in the German group of companies SOMMER. Many large companies and organizations, as well as private wealthy citizens, pay increased attention to the security of their property. Often, they have recourse to the vault doors, as an element of a special, ultra-secure storage, which can be equipped as a separate room in an office or house. Such constructions can be met in banking and other financial institutions, as well as in other organizations with a large cash flow or in places where objects of special value are stored. However, entrance vault doors more frequently installed in specially equipped storages and in private houses. Such kind of vault doors can be rarely met in the apartment. This is due to the large overall weight of the structure, as well as the difficulties of strengthening the walls, floor and ceiling in a standard multi-storey building. Also, burglar-proof armored doors are used in the arrangement of alarming rooms (Panic room). In this case, the main object of protection is not material values, but the health and lives of the owners.

Features of Safe Doors

The features of armored entrance doors for private use include high-strength construction and relatively low weight. This allows them to be safely installed in modular storages and doorways. As a rule, the door to the safe room is made of several layers of high-strength steel, between which there is a special anti-burglar compound. It can be based on reinforced concrete, high-alloyed viscous steel and other materials.


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