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All our garage door operators are equipped with the travelling motor operator system developed by SOMMER. This makes them especially smooth-running and durable. This makes our garage door operators completely maintenance-free. The garage door operators SOMMER base+ and pro+ are the innovative successors of the successful SOMMER travelling motor operator system. 

With reliable door operators from SOMMER, you can be assured of durability for years to come. This is thanks to their high quality and easy operation as well as the meticulous craftsmanship and certifications, allowing you to find just the right operator for the door you want.

Safety and accident prevention are SOMMER's highest priorities. Our operators are equipped with dependable and proven technology that you can rely on. 

What makes our garage door operators so powerful is the ingenious technology. Our motors are not statically fixed to one point; they travel along a stationary, tensioned chain. This ensures optimal application of force with maximum safety at all times. The system continuously reads in the required force and adapts it to the external conditions, thus providing the highest level of safety.

Certified quality
Our garage door operators are tested and certified according to the strictest guidelines. You can be assured that our products are of the highest Made in Germany quality.

Universal use with various door types
Our garage door operators are suitable for sectional doors, overhead doors, up-and-over doors, one piece doors, side-opening sectional doors and side-opening doors. 

SOMloq2 - bidirectional radio control system from SOMMER
Thanks to the bidirectional SOMloq2 radio control system, the operators can be controlled conveniently via radio. The 128-bit AES encryption with Rollingcode provides maximum protection of data against hackers.

Secure encryption
The future-proof SOMloq2 radio control system offers maximum data protection against hackers thanks to 128-bit AES encryption with rolling code.

High radio range
An innovative hop function extends the range, as radio signals are forwarded from SOMloq2 receivers.





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